Getting started with Birdwatching

How can I find out what is around and where to look for it?

There are plenty of sites where new members can find information about what is around and where to look for it. It might seem daunting at first but you soon get the hang of it if you are keen. All the websites below are free, updated daily and very easy to access. It is also helpful to look back on some of these sites to see what was around in the previous year. Most of them have an archive you can search. There are also county bird club sites for when we can go a bit further afield again. Don’t forget to look on Facebook and Twitter where all sorts of bird clubs and individuals post news .


London Bird Club Wiki

This site is updated daily with interesting birds and where to see them. A good first site to look at.


Surrey Bird Club

Also updated daily. The club’s Twitter pages are good too.


London Wetland Centre Barnes

Provides a daily update of what it around there and therefore what might be around elsewhere in our reporting area.


Bird Guides

This site is free but only gives you the county, unless you subscribe, however it gives you a very good idea of what birds are around – for example, don’t go looking for garden warblers in December or white-fronted geese in June!