January and February 2017



A visit to Horton Country Park yielded three Bullfinches, Common Buzzard, 2 Little Owls and 40 Redwings, with a Treecreeper nearby at Castle Hill Local Nature Reserve. Two Little Egrets were along the Green Lane feeder stream at Ewell but sadly only one Lapwing could be found at Portsmouth Road Filter Beds.


First-winters of both Caspian and Glaucous Gull (a very dark bird) were found at Island Barn Reservoir.


Single Green Sandpiper and Redshank and 25 Linnets were at Island Barn Reservoir.

A Peregrine was in Kingston upon Thames, one having previously visited Hogsmill Sewage Works on 4th.


Two Peregrines were at Kempton Park Water Works.


Eighteen Waxwings were at the Hogsmill Sewage Works, with 25 there the following day.

11th Stain Hill Reservoir produced a single Goldeneye and 55 Shoveler while a drake Scaup, Green Sandpiper and 2 Redshank were at Island Barn Reservoir.

Portsmouth Road Filter Beds produced 24 Gadwall.


The old gravel pit on Kempton Park Racecourse produced 52 Gadwall and 80 Wigeon. There were 4 Goldeneye on Stain Hill Reservoir and a total of 60 Shoveler there and on adjacent reservoirs.


At Rushett Farm there were 42 Lapwing and 2 Yellowhammers.


A survey of Home Park (Paddocks) produced a Common Buzzard, 46 Redwing and 34 Gadwall on Rick Pond (38 on 27th).


A survey of Arbrook Common yielded a Bullfinch and 30 Siskin. Peregrine over Hogsmill Sewage Works.


Hogsmill Sewage Works, 14 Lapwings and up to 28 Linnets during the month.


A survey of Esher Common produced a Bullfinch again. Two Common Buzzard, 15 Fieldfare and 6 Yellowhammer were found on a visit to Rushett Farm but Lapwing numbers there were down to only 6.


A Bittern was a welcome visitor to Kempton NR and was still there on 30th. A Little Egret flew over the Fishponds Local Nature Reserve.


Two Little Egrets flew S over Hogsmill Sewage Works.


Male and female Scaup and an adult Caspian Gull were on Walton Res. A Merlin flew over Hogsmill Sewage Works.



Two Peregrines over Hogsmill Sewage Works and one on the 4th. Also a Snipe on both days.


A visit to Hogsmill Sewage Works produced 6 Linnets, 9 Shoveler, a Little Egret and a Water Rail.


A paler first-winter Glaucous Gull was on Island Barn Reservoir with an albino Herring Gull. The dark Glaucous Gull was on Walton Res.


A Common Buzzard and 4 Yellowhammers were at Rushett Farm; 48 Gadwall and 115 Wigeon at Kempton Park Racecourse. Stain Hill and reservoirs nearby produced 3 Goldeneye, 4 Shelduck, 48 Shoveler and a Siskin.


Linnets were in evidence, with 2 at Molesey Heath and 15 at Hogsmill Sewage Works, the latter site also producing, 4 Wigeon, 17 Shoveler, 33 Teal and 10 Song Thrush. One hundred Redwing was a high number this winter at Arbrook Common and the flock of 30 Siskin were still present.


Fifteen Lapwing had returned to Kempton NR and a good total of 57 Teal were also there. A survey of Home Park produced, 74 Redwing and 11 Skylark.


A further visit to Home Park yielded a Common Buzzard, 20 Redwing, and 5 Stonechats.


The only Chiffchaff report in the period came from Fishponds Local Nature Reserve.

Thanks to the following observers who contributed records.

Abrahams D, Barkham J, Boudreau K, Boulby M, Caine G, Caine T, Coom A, Fure A, Gale J, Gill  G & E, Gilry A, Hannam J, Kiddell D, Norman R, Peggs G, Quinn A, Sherlock B, Sherlock C, Skotnicki A, Spencer P, Tregenza P & V, Trim C, Waters S, White M, Wilkinson C.