The Hogsmill STW Nature Reserve Friends Scheme

Due to the long association of the Surbiton & District Bird Watching Society with the Hogsmill Sewage Works, through its bird recording and ringing activities, as well the Society’s inputs into the development of the nature reserve, members of the SDBWS receive the special benefit of free membership of the Friends of Hogsmill STW Nature Reserve which is located off Lower Marsh Lane, Kingston just past the Thames Water Hogsmill Sewage Treatment Works entrance.


The Friends Scheme provides the opportunity to visit the Hogsmill STW Nature Reserve to watch birds and other wildlife from dawn to dusk. Members have the opportunity to use the bird hide and nature trail and can also attend special events, help in the practical conservation management of the reserve through wildlife monitoring and volunteer task days, as well as receive newsletters and regular information on wildlife sightings. There are also friendly Hide Teas held every 1st Friday of the month. (As ever bring a mug ). Membership of the Hogsmill Nature Reserve also allows free access to Kempton Nature Reserve and Crossness Nature Reserve (see details below).


Via public transport the Hogsmill Nature Reserve is accessible from Berrylands Station or by K1/K4 bus off Villiers Road and the K2 bus stop is also nearby. There is a free car park located inside the reserve gates in Lower Marsh Lane for use by the Friends of Hogsmill STW Nature Reserve.

Access during the Covid19 Pandemic

Kristine Boudreau, Warden of the Hogsmill Nature Reserve has issued the following details about arrangements for visiting the reserve during the current lockdown:
Following the government’s announcement on the 4th January 2021, we are pleased that we will be able to keep Hogsmill Nature Reserve open for our Friends of Hogsmill Members. Throughout the Covid19 crisis we have been aware that access to the site for both physical and mental wellbeing is really important. We’ll remain open so long as:
everyone follows all government guidance

  • Respect other visitors and staff by keeping your distance, at least 2 meters is recommended
  • Due to the nature of our sites we ask you to take the necessary precautions when opening and closing gates such as using gloves, hand sanitiser etc.
  • Bird hides and our compost toilets will be shut to ensure social distancing– the wellbeing of our staff and visitors is really important to us.
  • Please email or text any species records and photographs to or 07747647708

Don’t forget your binoculars, and please remain on the dedicated paths on the reserve. We will be regularly reviewing the situation and will update you on any changes.


How to Join

If you would like to become a Friend, simply obtain an application form (email and send this together with two colour passport sized photographs per person (for the permit & Scheme records) to:

Kristine Boudreau
Hogsmill STW Nature Reserve Manager
Thames Water
Hogsmill Sewage Treatment Works
Lower Marsh Lane
Kingston upon Thames

Once registered, your free membership will remain current while you remain a member of the SDBWS. When your application has been processed, you will be issued with your individual permit and informed of the number code for the keypad security access system on the entry gates to the nature reserve. You will then be free to visit the reserve. If you are not an SDBWS member, apply directly to Kristine Boudreau.

Junior membership

Children under 16 can apply for Junior Membership but can only join if they are included with a Family/Joint Membership. Junior members visiting the reserve must be accompanied at all times by an adult member.

Access to Kempton Nature Reserve and Crossness Nature Reserve

When you become a Friend of the Hogsmill Nature Reserve (free of charge to members of the SDBWS) your membership will also allow you free entry to the other two reserves. You will however still need to register as a Friend for the other reserves you wish to visit.

If you wish to visit Kempton NR or Crossness NR, fill in an application form for the reserve and send this to the Nature Reserves Manager (details below) together with a passport-sized photo. When applying for Kempton or Crossness, please state on the application form that you are a member of SDBWS and that you are also registered as a friend of Hogsmill STW Nature Reserve. Likewise, if you are already a member of Kempton NR or Crossness NR, please state this when applying to become a Friend of the Hogsmill NR.

Although you must register for each reserve you wish to visit, you will not be issued with separate membership cards for each reserve. The one membership card will be valid for the other two reserves.

The contact details for Kempton NR and Crossness NR are as follows:

Kempton NR
Nature Reserve Manager
Kempton Nature Reserve
Thames Water
Kempton Park Water Treatment Works
Feltham Hill Road
TW13 6XH

Crossness NR
Nature Reserve Manager
Thames Water
Crossness Nature Reserve
Crossness Sewage Treatment Works
Belvedere Road
Abbey Wood

If you have any queries about the Friends Scheme, contact Kristine Boudreau (see contact details above)